How to submit a record for publication



            This record book is only as accurate and up-to-date as you make it.  If you have information that can update it please be sure to send it to me at the address below.


            This book is updated every fall or winter and new additions are placed on the website by March 1.  All records and updates must be received by September 1. 


            The record book is online on It is in a format that is suitable for printing.


            The top ten performances in each category will be listed.  If a number of individuals tie causing more than ten persons, the lowest number will be deleted.  We expect records to come from only regularly scheduled games and tournament games, since softball was sanctioned in 1985.  No summer league games or games before 1985 should be included in any of the statistics. 


            Be sure to provide the same information that is displayed in the record book when submitting items to be considered for publication.  Do not send your entire team statistics; send only the records that qualify.  It helps tremendously if you list them in order.


            If you have any questions about how particular statistics are calculated, please feel free to contact one of the members of the I.C.G.S.A. committee or contact me at one of the numbers below.  If you have any suggestions for the improvement of our record booklet, please feel free to submit that information.


Please send in your updates each year.  I can only include the statistics that I receive.


Jim Bates


5107 E. 400 N.


Lafayette, IN 47905