Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association
Indiana High School Softball Hall of Fame
LouAnn Hopson, Chesterton - Chairperson
371 E 1050 N - Chesterton, IN  46305

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Nominee  ___________________________________________________________________

Category for Nomination  ______________________________________________________

School  _______________________________________  Years played at school  __________

Member Coach Nominating  ____________________________________________________

                    Position  ___________________________________________________________

                    Address  ___________________________________________________________

                    Day Phone  _______________________   Home Phone  ____________________

                    Email address  ______________________________________________________

Principal  ____________________________________________________________________

Athletic Director  _____________________________________________________________

Officials Association (if umpire)  _________________________________________________

Company, Hospital, etc. (if merit nomination)  ______________________________________

List the names of two (2) ICGSA member coaches for references for candidate.  One of them must be a current or past member of the ICGSA softball committee.



On a separate page please write a letter of nomination for the candidate.  Include a complete resume, (include statistical information, honors, college, current occupation and activities, etc.), and an 8 x 10 photo.  Include the two letters of reference from the person listed above.  This form and all support information is due to LouAnn Hopson by February 1st