Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association

Indiana High School Softball Hall of Fame

Criteria for Nomination

Guidelines for Nomination

1. Limitations

a. All Candidates must have contributed in a significant manner to the game of softball in the state of Indiana.

b. Candidates may qualify by virtue of their contributions to softball at the high school, junior high, college or professional level.

2. Categories of Induction

a. Player - must have completed high school at least six years prior to nomination.

b. Coach - At any level. If active, must have coached a minimum of fifteen years. If retired, ten years.

c. Athletic Administrator - Must have served a minimum of fifteen years.

d. Administrators - (including State Association). Must have served a minimum of fifteen years.

e. Officials - Must have been an IHSAA softball umpire for a minimum of fifteen years.

f. Special Contributions - Consideration will be given to nominations of individuals who have made substantial contributions, but do not meet the criteria in the previous categories.

3. Certificate of Merit Includes: Doctors, trainers, media, manufactures, suppliers, and others.

4. Nomination Process

a. All nominations must include the following:

(1). Nomination form, submitted by an ICGSA member coach.

(2). Complete resume and 8 x 10 photo.

(3). Two letters of recommendation from ICGSA member softball coaches. At least one of the letters must be from a past or present, Softball Committee member.

(4). Name, address and phone of person representing a deceased candidate.

b. All data and forms must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Chairperson no later than February 15.

c. ICGSA shall establish a priority list in case of an excess of qualified candidates. Nominations will remain active for consideration for three years.

d. In the case of extenuating circumstances, the ICGSA Softball Committee may waive the priority list established above.


Chairperson: Lou Ann Hopson

371 E 1050 N

Chesterton, IN 46305