Your district rep will have a meeting on a Sunday near the end of the season for all ICGSA member softball coaches to vote on All-State and All-Star players. See the ICGSA website or email you district chair for exact date, time, and location.  Only ONE VOTE PER SCHOOL. YOU MUST BE AN ICGSA MEMBER TO NOMINATE AND VOTE. Your nomination must be filled out completely and faxed or mailed (postmarked by 12:00 midnight) to your district rep, on the deadline date listed on the ICGSA website. You are encouraged to send them earlier. An electronic photograph and a sponsor fee check for all seniors must be in the district rep’s hand prior to the start of the meeting. The amount of the sponsor fee is on the nomination form.


Member coaches in attendance at the district meetings will be asked to rank players from the most talented to the least talented. The most talented will receive a one, the next a two and so on. The top 35 players will be ranked and the others will be given an appropriate score.  No write in nominations will be accepted. After the ballots are completed, the numbers will be added up. The highest two and lowest two numbers will be taken out for each player. Totals will represent the order of selection. The player with the lowest score will be the number one player in the district. Tie Breaker: if two or more players are tied in any ranking position, go to the next highest ranking points within each players list after the top two and bottom two scores have been taken out, until the tie has been broken.


The top 5 players from each district are 1st Team All-State and will receive a certificate from the ICGSA Executive Board. The next 5 players will be 2nd Team All-State, the next 5 will be 3rd Team All-State and the next 10 will be All-District. 2nd, 3rd and All-District will receive certificates from the softball committee. Schools may not have more than two players at any one level of recognition and may not have more than four receive All-State recognition. The ICGSA Awards Chairperson will release this information will to the press on Monday before the State Finals. Please do not release information beyond local use (i.e. awards banquets, etc. are local use.) until this date.


The top senior vote recipient in district, will advance for consideration for ICGSA “Miss Softball” at the ICGSA All-Star weekend. District 3-4-5 will select 7 players from each district to represent the South All-Star team. The North All-Star team will be made up of 11 players from district 2 in 2005 and 10 from district 1. They will rotate the extra player each year. In 2006 district 1 will have the extra player. Tie Breaker is the same as the tie breaker procedure listed above. Schools may not have more than two players on the All-Star team.


Please use the All-State & All-Star nomination form available on the ICGSA web site. If you are nominating more than one player, use one form for each. You may nominate up to four (freshmen to senior varsity players). Sponsor fee and pictures are necessary for senior players only. Since only 2 players per school can make the All-Star team, you need to let your district rep know who your top two senior are if you nominate more than two for All-State. Please do not make up your own personal form. Use the form provided.