The Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association is pleased to announce the first annual ICGSA Athlete Scholarships, which will be presented during the 2015-16 school year.  Ten $1000 scholarships will be awarded to ten seniors, one from each of the ten IHSAA girls’ sports.  The recipients will be well-rounded, positive role models who have demonstrated excellence in academics, school and community involvement, character, sportsmanship, and citizenship.    




1.   The student must be enrolled and participating in interscholastic athletics at an IHSAA member school.

2.   The student must be a senior at the IHSAA member school and will graduate during the school year in which the award is being applied for.

3.   The student must have participated as a senior athlete in at least one of the ten IHSAA sanctioned girls’ athletic programs.

4.   The student must be nominated by the principal or the principal’s designee.

5.   The student must have no violations of their school’s athletic code of conduct.

6.   The student must not have been ejected from any IHSAA contest due to unsportsmanlike behavior.

7.   The student must verify that he/she has made a commitment to remain substance free throughout high school.

8.   The coach must be a member of ICGSA.




Applications for the ICGSA Scholarship will be available on the ICGSA web site (www.icgsa.org).    Student-athletes will have the opportunity to submit an application to their member school principal.  The member school is responsible for establishing the process by which their nominee is selected. 


A member school principal may nominate only one student/athlete per sport and should forward the application to the ICGSA Scholarship Chairperson by the deadlines listed on the second page. 





1.   A valid application consists of the following:

      a.   Application Form

      b.   Official Transcript

2.   Applications shall be forwarded by the member school principal or coach to the ICGSA Awards Chairperson.  Incomplete individual applications will not be recognized, nor will they be judged. 

3.   Each school is responsible for utilizing a delivery method which ensures that its application arrives on time.  The ICGSA is not responsible for delays caused by a school’s choice of delivery service.

4.   All applications must be received in the ICGSA Awards Chairperson office by Nov. 1, 2015 for Fall Sports, Feb. 1, 2016 for Winter Sports, and April 1, 2016 for Spring Sports.  Applications received after the deadline will be returned to the member school principal.  No exceptions will be made for any reason.

5.   The applications will be reviewed by the ICGSA Scholarship Committee at their annual Spring Conference in March to make the final determination of the ten scholarship award winners.

6.   Scholarship recipients will be announced on approximately May 1, 2016




1.   All written communication shall be sent to member school principals.

2.   Schools are responsible for keeping their applicants and their families informed regarding their status in the competition.

3.   Schools of scholarship recipients will be sent a packet prior to the public announcement, including materials which must be completed and returned to the ICGSA Awards Chairperson.

4.   A complete list of winners will be posted on the ICGSA web site.



1.   The scholarship will be made payable to the educational institution.

2.   All winners shall receive a certificate from the ICGSA, which will be mailed to the member school principal.



The deadlines for member schools to submit applications to the ICGSA Scholarship Chairperson for the 2015-16 school year is Nov.1, 2015 for Fall Sports, Feb. 1, 2016 for Winter Sports, and

     April 1, 2016 for Spring Sports.


The mailing address for the ICGSA Scholarship Chairperson is:

            Jualina Musselman

          10964 E. State Rd. 218

          Walton, IN 46994