In the case of question in reference to selected athletes of All-State, All Star, Academic All-State, and any other selected student athletes, the Indiana Coaches of Girls’ Sports Association will support the specific committees with the following grievance procedure.


The coach of the athlete in question will agree to the grievance.  The coach must obtain support of the grievance from the athletic director and principal of the school the athlete is representing.  The specific committee and the ICGSA president must receive documentation of the support, information supporting the grievance, and an official request for the athlete to be reconsidered.  This request must be presented on school stationary with the required signatures. This request and needed information must be received 30 days after the official release is posted on our web page of the information in question. Upon receipt of the grievance information, the specific committee, and the ICGSA Executive Board will review the grievance.


Contact information is listed on the ICGSA web page at www.icgsa.org