2017 Marian Archer Award

Judy Burton

Apple Group, Inc


The Marian Archer Award is an award established by the Archer Family in 1979 to honor Marian Archer for outstanding work in promoting girls’ athletics.  Marian Archer was the owner of Sports Togs in Carmel – a sporting goods business that dealt exclusively with uniforms for female athletes, and was one of our earliest exhibitors at our ICGSA spring conference.  The recipient of this award should have been or is actively and positively involved in the promotion of girls’ athletics, and they may be in any field where he or she may promote girls’ athletics in Indiana.


Our recipient’s introduction to girls’ athletics in Indiana came as she played GAA basketball at Tipton High School, where girls could only go half court as either an offensive player or a defensive player and could only dribble the basketball one time - I am sure that not many of you in the room have experienced that or even remember that style of basketball – but I do!  Yes, girls’ sports have come a long way!  If any of you saw the IHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament a week ago, you know what I am talking about.


Growing up in farm country in Tipton she had the usual chores that any farmer’s son or daughter would have, but was fortunate enough to go to Ball State University for a career in business.  Even though the lack of family funds prevented her from finishing at Ball State, she gained enough business education to return to the Tipton area and open and own children’s clothing stores for 18 years. After deciding selling those stores to move another line area of apparel which involved athletics, Judy founded Apple Group in 1993 in a refurbished approximately15,000 square foot egg hatchery in downtown Tipton doing screen printing, embroidery and advertising products. While Apple Group is a woman owned business, her husband - Ed and two sons – Greg and Kory have been the key to our success as well have all the loyal customers throughout the years.  Unfortunately they could not be here to see her honored as they and the grandchildren are off to soccer and basketball games today as they get the benefits of participating in athletics that Judy was not able to do so as she grew up – but she did indicate that she is a great coach from the bleachers!!!


It is amazing the strides girls’ sports have made through the years and it is people like Judy and her Apple Group business who devote their time, energy, and services to help make this happen along with those of you that are sitting in the audience.  She has been a loyal exhibitor as our ICGSA for the past 25 years as well as a source for many of our conference favors or registration gifts. 


Since this award was established by the Archer family to honor individuals in any field who have made contributions to promote girls’ athletics in Indiana, and Marian Archer was one our earliest exhibitors with a business that dealt exclusively with uniforms for the female athletes it is only appropriate that we honor another individual that has carried on that tradition with her loyalty to our conference and ICGSA. Please join the ICGSA Executive Board as Jeff Theobald, president-elect, presents Judy Burton, Apple Group, Inc. with our 2017 Marian Archer Award plaque.