2014 Phyllis L. Tubbs Service Award

Kathy Elliott

Sullivan Jr. HS, North Knox HS


In 1975-76 the ICGSA Executive Board established this award to be given to honor an ICGSA member who has served girls’ athletics for several years.  The recipient should have been or is an active member of ICGSA, and has established longevity through several years of service to girls’ athletics and the association.  In 2002-03 the Executive Board named this award the Phyllis L. Tubbs Service Award.

Our 2014 Service Award recipient is a 1984 graduate of Indiana State University with a degree in Health and Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Education tried to retire from coaching last year after 30 years at various levels of basketball, track, and softball – but North Knox talked her into returning as a volunteer assistant with the Jr. High teams.  She continues to teach 6th and 7th grade computer education, 7th/8th grade physical education, and 8th grade health at Sullivan Middle School. She became active with ICGSA when she was elected to our Executive Board from District 5 in 2002 and served two terms on the Board through 2008. In 2003 she assumed our Treasurer position, and it is there that she made a unique and valuable contribution to our organization.  She reorganized our books, set up committee budgets, and more importantly started investing some our money to keep ICGSA in a financially stable position at the time and for our future.  It has allowed us to keep dues reasonable, put on our spring conferences, present our numerous athlete and coaching awards, give our sports committee necessary funds for some of their events as well as have “rainy day” funds for the future.  Also during her tenure she had to endure an IRS query that questioned our non-profit status, and got all that paperwork in order so hopefully we will not have to go through that battle again.  Needless to say that was quite an endeavor as she and I dug through past minutes and books to present to the IRS, but in the end it paid off for our organization.   We honored with our ICGSA Twenty Award in 2003 and if she would ever fill out the info sheet we could give her Thirty Year Award.

Tonight the Executive Board has chosen to honor Kathy Elliott for her service not only to ICGSA but her continued service to young female athletes in the state of Indiana.  In addition to the plaque that our president is presenting to Kathy, she will receive the gold Service Award ring from Gary Clark of Clarks School Service our Herff Jones Corporate Sponsor. On behalf of the ICGSA Executive Board, I present to you the recipient of our 2014 Phyllis L. Tubbs Service Award – Kathy Elliott, from Sullivan Jr. High School and North Knox High School.