2013 Marian Archer Award

Pat Seib, Gibson Southern High School


The Marian Archer Award is an award established by the Archer Family in 1979 to honor Marian Archer for outstanding work in promoting girls’ athletics.  Marian Archer was the owner of Sports Togs in Carmel – a sporting goods business that dealt exclusively with uniforms for female athletes, and was one of our earliest exhibitors at our ICGSA spring conference.  The recipient of this award should have been or is actively and positively involved in the promotion of girls’ athletics, and they may be in any field where he or she may promote girls’ athletics in Indiana.


Girls’ athletics as we know it now is the beneficiary of many of early pioneers of girls sports Indiana that began their coaching careers in GAA style sports and coaching multiple sports with very little pay. Our 2013 Marian Archer Award recipient was a talented athlete herself where she was a member of a state championship track and field team from Owensboro, Ky. and went on to Murray State University (before scholarships for girls) to earn MVP honors in both basketball and track.  As one of those true pioneers in southern Indiana as during her 35 coaching career she began by coaching track, basketball, and volleyball all in the same year.  In addition during her career, she has coached JV and freshman volleyball, middle school cross country and basketball.  While at Gibson Southern she was also the assistant athletic director, and was a licensed official in volleyball, basketball, and track. She served as the chairperson of the ICGSA Track/CC committee for six years, and has been honored by both IATCCC and ICGSA with Coach of the Year honors.  She was also one of the founding members of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Committee. Pat is also a recipient of our ICGSA Twenty and Thirty Year Awards.  She retired from teaching and coaching in 2006.


The Executive Board certainly recognizes her many contributions to girl’s athletics in the state of Indiana in the early years and throughout her 35 years of education and coaching and should be recognized as one of our true pioneers that has paved the road in girls’ athletics for each of you today.  Please join us as Kellie Kuhn, our president, presents a plaque to Pat Seib, retired from Gibson Southern High School, as our 2013 Marian Archer Award winner.