ICGSA Academic All State Application Criteria


All of the following criteria must be met to be nominated for Academic All State honors.


1.  The athlete must be a senior participating in an IHSAA girls' sport.

2.  The athlete must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 on 4.0 scale or equivalent.  (Examples:  10.5  

     on 12.0, 9.625 on 11.0, 8.75 on 10.0, 7.00 on 8.0, 5.25 on 6.0, 4.375 on 5.0, 87.5 on 100.)    

     Please include the athlete's current cumulative GPA on what maximum scale.  Conversions

     will be done after receiving the application.

3.   The athlete must have a minimum SAT score of 1110 on the critical reading (verbal) and math or a minimum ACT composite score of 24. 

4.  The athlete must be a varsity participant in a minimum of 50% of the contests in an IHSAA

     sponsored girls' sports program.

5.  A transcript must be provided with this application.  Verification of SAT/ACT scores,

     class rank, and cumulative GPA MUST be included with transcript.

6.  A nomination must be signed by both coach and principal.

7.  The coach must be a current member of the ICGSA in order to nominate.  Membership must    

     be received by the membership chairperson no later than the Academic All State deadline for

     your sport. Membership may be completed online at www.icgsa.org.  Any head varsity coach

     may nominate an athlete from his/her own team.


Completed applications and transcripts must be received by the Academic All State Chairperson by midnight of your sectional tournament entry date to be eligible for Academic All State or Honorable Mention consideration.  Incomplete nominations or nominations received after the deadline will not be considered for these honors unless the late nomination procedure is followed within 48 hours of the deadline.  Coaches who are not members by the deadline date for their sport WILL NOT have their athlete's nomination considered.  Mail your nominations early, so they arrive before the deadline. A fax, email, or text nomination is not an acceptable way to submit nominations. The Academic All-State Chairperson will acknowledge receipt of your nomination via email.     If you have not received acknowledgement by NOON on the day before your deadline,

you should contact her immediately.


ONLINE Academic All-State Application

MAIL-IN Academic All-State Application